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We’re proud to have Val and Selasi as our ambassadors.

Watch what the two have been stirring up in the ultimate baking competition with our ShareThyme students.

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ShareThyme connects older adults who love to cook with people who are keen to discover how to make delicious new dishes. Oh, and it's free!

Want to become a student and learn from the best? Find a teacher, request a class, buy your ingredients, then get together and get cooking.

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ShareThyme is a beautiful project. It connects people through food, reminding us of how we met – two excited, slightly nervous new GBBO contestants, both with a passion for food. It's that love of creating things in the kitchen that brought us together. Now we're becoming ShareThyme teachers and passing on the magic.


  • Bakewell Tart

Profile picture of Mary


I am a home economist, food and nutrition teacher and restaurateur. I’ve been involved in teaching people from ages 5 upwards to cook, and owned my own restaurant for 22 years. Over the years, I have done one to one tuition, taught exam students, catered for wedding functions, and done many food demonstrations all over the country to groups of 20 to 400 on many types of cuisine. I was one of the first people in the UK to use and demonstrate microwave oven use and produced a recipe book in the 1980's.


  • Sausage and onion plait

  • Gateau St Honore

  • Meringue roulade

Profile picture of Deni


I love cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients. I taught all three of my children how to cook healthy and nutritious meals - especially my sons. I like experimenting and devising new recipes as well as adapting old ones. I have lived and worked all over the world and this is reflected in my cooking. I believe creating and sharing food is both satisfying and rewarding and look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience.


  • Veggie Pilaf

  • Mexican Lasagne

  • Quick cheats chocolate mousse

Profile picture of Vivien


I facilitate a Cookery Group with Kenton U3A which is a Group of older ladies. I've lived in Kenton almost 50 years and know most of the schools in the area. I have three children who went to Claremont High School.


  • Roast Chicken with roast potatoes and vegetables

  • Fruit crumble

  • Pasta-bolognese

Profile picture of Christine


I like spicy food and cook a good West Indian curry goat with rice and Saltfish fritters. Also can do Arabic, Chinese and many other cultures. My roast dinners and jacket potatoes are easy. I bake cakes and make crumbles, jams and chutneys, so whatever you fancy we will give it a go.


  • Roast Chicken, potatoes, parsnips, carrots greens or cauliflower and gravy

  • West Indian curry mutton/lamb with rice

  • Tunisian Lamb

Profile picture of Monju

East London

I am a writer of children's poems and a clinical psychologist working with children all my life. I have been interested in cooking all my life and am Bengali by birth but have lived in England for 50 years. What I enjoy most is the simplicity of bengali food and how easy it is to pass down to anyone who wants to watch and learn. The tasty and nutritious elements can be adapated for all flavours and diets and most recently I am interested in cooking for diabetic people, as I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I would love to share my poetry and stories with you and help you learn how to make any form of curry, dahl, bhaji, bhorta and chutneys.


  • Dhal - Chochory

  • Khinchuri

  • Bhaji

Profile picture of Helen


I have a PGCE and currently teach adults with learning disabilities. I love to make wholesome soups, risotto, paella with fish and chicken, Spaghetti Bologna or vegetarian lasagna.


  • Vegetable soup

  • spaghetti-bologna

  • basil-risotto

Profile picture of Jane


I love cooking and make nearly everything we eat from scratch. We eat very little meat now, but are not strictly vegetarian. We enjoy spicy - but not madly hot! - food, stir-fries, curries, salads, fish, pasta and rice dishes. I make all my own bread, yoghurts, chutney, dips, spreads, jam, cakes, cookies, biscuits, puddings, desserts, ice cream etc. I do use my Thermomix a lot - it increases the ease and variety of my cooking and reduces the clearing up! It's difficult for me to pick out a No 1 dish, but my partner's current favourite is the spicy Ottolenghi take on Cauliflower Cheese with a crunchy topping - it's a bit different. I do love making sourdough bread too.


  • Mustardy Cauliflower Cheese

  • John's Seafood Soup, with Home Made Bread

  • Victoria Sponge with Jam

Profile picture of Elizabeth

Golders Green

Hi. I am mum of two young adults and I work full time but to relax I love to garden, grow things to eat and cook them! But I also love to bake challenge cakes, give me two favourite ingredients and we can make them into a cake! Or simple but tasty dinners. I am vegetarian but don't mind cooking meat for and with others. I like strong tastes and lots of good flavours. Would you like to cook with me? I am only free after 6 or at the weekend but you are welcome to share our kitchen.


  • Luscious Lemon Cake

  • Shepherdless Pie

  • End of the Week Soup