Alex's story

When I found ShareThyme, I was looking for an app or system that would help me meet new people while doing an activity that we can bond over together. I tried a few other alternatives but all of them had downsides.

Alex and Deni cooking

They were either very awkward first meets because of the way it had been set up, or the technology itself made it hard to connect with and learn about the person before meeting with them.

ShareThyme is a game-changing experience. I was able to learn about Deni before going to her house which made the transition to meeting far easier. Seeing as we were cooking one of Deni’s favourite recipes and my favourite that I found on the site, we were both really excited to get going straight away!

I learnt a lot from Deni who took me through all of the techniques I needed to use to pull off the dish (and the French words I needed to learn).
chopping onionspot of food

I’m sold on ShareThyme and am already planning my next person to meet and dish to cook! I’d recommend it to anybody looking to meet new people, learn to cook, or to experience something unique and unlike anything else I’ve found.

Photo of Alex

- Alex