We are postponing our cooking sessions until the COVID-19 lockdown has been lifted. You can still sign up to be teacher or student – but in-person cooking sessions will not happen until the situation has been resolved.

Stay safe —
The ShareThyme team

Kate's story

I learned about ShareThyme from one of its ambassadors Selasi, when I was at an event in October. I was intrigued by the concept and was delighted to discover a teacher less than 30 minutes from me.


I thought it would be awkward going into a stranger's home to cook, but Deni immediately made me feel at ease. It was fantastic to make a new dish (which I will absolutely be making again), but what really struck me was how much lighter I felt at end of the day having spent time chatting and laughing.

As a Mum with two small kids, I don't get a lot of 'me' time, and this experience really felt like I was catching up with a friend - except at the end of the day I had dinner ready to serve up to my expectant family!

What struck me the most about the ShareThyme experience was that I didn't feel like I was in a teacher/student situation. Deni guided me through what to do, but whilst we cooked, we chatted about our lives and experiences.

With a thirty-year age gap, we found a surprising number of things in common; from music to our travels, to our views on life. I think Deni may be one of the most fascinating people that I have ever met.

I am really excited to go back and visit Deni again - next thing on the menu is Bavarian Sausage Hotpot!

Photo of Kate

- Kate